Week 08-Exp 7-Fall Break

Plate 02 ml of each transduction reaction onto an lb

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Unformatted text preview: es. Plate 0.2 ml of each transduction reaction onto an LB Tet plate. Incubate at 37oC. You will need to remove your plates from the incubator on Wednesday, record the results and patch colonies onto the appropriate plates. You will do this because the transduction plates tend to grow a background of colonies over time. If you waited to patch from the transduction plates until after Fall Break, it would likely be very difficult to distinguish the transductants from the background colonies. Once the colonies have been patched onto fresh plates, there will be much less problem with background, and the plates will keep until next week much better. Wednesday - **Not a normal lab day** Experiment 7 • Record the results of the transductions (how many colonies grew on each of the 4 plates). • Patch 100 colonies from your transduction plates onto LB Tet (patch 50 colonies onto each of 2 LB Tet...
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