Week 08-Exp 7-Fall Break

Week 08 exp 7 fall break

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Unformatted text preview: BIOL 519 Week # 8- Generalized Transdu ction BACKGROUND: On Tuesday of this week, you will first harvest the lysates you prepared last Thursday. Once you harvest the lysates, you will pass them through a 0.45 µm filter. This filter has pores that are too small for bacteria to pass through, however, the pores are large enough for phage to pass through. This process will remove any viable CSH123 donor cells from your lysate, and leave only phage. You will then set up transduction reactions in which the P1 lysate will be added to a recipient strain (CSH108). The transduction reactions will be plated on plates to select for transductants that have gained the thiA::Tn10 from the donor strain, by way of the transducing particles in the lysate. Next week we will further test the transductants to determine whether they have also inherited the donor’s alleles at the rpoB and argE lo...
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