Exam _1 BIOL688 2009

Exam _1 BIOL688 2009 - EXAM 1- Molecular Biology of Cancer...

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EXAM 1- Molecular Biology of Cancer 15 Sept2009 Fill in the blanks (1 point each blank): 1. From the Greek words for “new growth”, _____________________ refers to an abnormal lump or mass of tissue serving no useful function to the host and can be used interchangeably with the term tumor. Cancer is the generic term for any ________________ tumor. 2. An allele of a gene that determines phenotype in spite of the presence of a second gene allele that specifies a different phenotype is called __________________________. The genetic constitution of an organism is called ___________________________. The term __________________________ refers to a cancer cell’s ability to travel to other parts of the body where it grows and divides. 3. Cancer develops because of damage to _____________. A cancer arising in mesenchymal tissue is called _________________. The study of disease etiology, pathogenesis, morphological changes and clinical significance is called ________________________. If two different alleles of a gene are present at a particular genetic locus, we refer to this configuration as _______________________. 4. The study and treatment of tumors or neoplasms is called _______________________. When observing a karyotype, the darker stained bands represent _________________________, which is genetically __________________. Mutations occurring in the chromosomes of the egg and sperm cells are classified as ____________________ mutations. 5. The first time a specific type of cancer was related to a particular occupation was what cancer? _____________________ and what occupation? ______________________________. 6. Transformed cells show altered morphology and lose _________________ inhibition. This change can be observed as _______ formation of culture cell in dish. 7. RSV, ________________________________ virus, is capable of transforming cultured cells that are infected with it. RSV uses __________ as its genetic material. A _________________ ________________ mutant of RSV was used to confirm that functional RSV protein(s) were responsible for the transformation of infected cells. 8. A___________________________ plot is a graph of the patient _______________ plotted on the ordinate as a function of the ________ after initial diagnosis or treatment. The avian erythroblastosis virus carries the _________ oncogene, which is a mutated form of the _________ receptor. M
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Exam _1 BIOL688 2009 - EXAM 1- Molecular Biology of Cancer...

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