Exam _2 BIOL688 2009

Exam _2 BIOL688 2009 - BIOL688 Exam 2 13 October 2009 Fill...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOL688 Exam 2 13 October 2009 Fill in the blank (1 point each blank): 1. The fruit fly mutant called ______________ has a mutation in ______ receptor gene and has a defect in eye development. Genetic screening with this mutant fly led us to discover the ______ gene that has important function to ____ small GTPase pathway. 2. Amount of ____________ proteins in the cells is regulated depends on periods of cell cycle. For example, _____________ is expressed during G2 to M phase and rapidly degraded at the end of M-phase. They usually bind to distinct cdk protein kineses. For example, the cdk2 binds to ___________ and ___________. 3. Eukaryotic transcription is regulated by a modification of ____________ tail. An __________________ of lysine on N-terminal tail will __________ transcription of genes. This modification is regulated by two functionally opposed enzymes, ______ and ________. 4. _________ is the type of receptor that associates a heterotrimeric G-protein. This type of receptor commonly has seven __________________________domains. The __ subunit of heterotrimeric G-protein binds to _____ when the receptor is activated by ligand. 5. Phosphatidyl-inositol (PI) is one of the __________ molecular that composes the plasma membrane. PI also has a function in signal transduction by its phosphorylation. Production of PIP3 by ____ promotes relocation of the protein that has ___ domain near plasma membrane. Multiple choice (2 points each): 6. Which statement is false ? a. Gene conversion occurs during M phase. b. Mitotic nondisjunction is inappropriate chromosomal separation during anaphase. c. The wild-type Rb gene can be lost by a chromosomal deletion. d. During mitotic recombination genetic material is exchanged between two homologous chromosomes in late G2 or M phase....
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Exam _2 BIOL688 2009 - BIOL688 Exam 2 13 October 2009 Fill...

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