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EX3.1Parachute Example The airplane releases its drag chute at t=0. Through several tests, it was found that the velocity fits the equation: s m t v / 32 . 0 1 80 + = What is the plane’s acceleration at t= 3 sec? How far does the plane go during the time from t=0 to t=10 seconds? What general relationship will you use? Now Differentiate and find acceleration at t=3 sec.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 What general relationship will you use? Set up your equation to solve for the distance. Problem Type: Kinematics-Rectilinear Motion Find: a(3) Assume: Equation for speed is accurate, plane travels in a straight line Solution: Given: v(t) Find: s(10) Do the integration. Solution: Sketch:...
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