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EX4.1caronoval-aud - Copy - to a t = 0.6 - 0.002 v 2 m/s 2...

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Solution: What coordinate system? Path – you need to figure out tangential velocity and acceleration at point B – how will you do this? How will you set up your limits of integration? Solve velocity How do you solve acceleration? Keep going… The car starts at A and speeds up according
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Unformatted text preview: to a t = 0.6 - 0.002 v 2 m/s 2 (v is the cars forward velocity) What are the velocity and acceleration of point the car when it reaches point B? Problem Type: Find: Given : a t (v) v and a at Point B Kinematics EX4.1 Car on Oval (Hit F5 to Begin) Sketch:...
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