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3/77. Small object is on a conical dish. The coefficient of static friction between the object and the dish is 0.30. For what ω range will the object stay on the dish without slipping (assume angular acceleration may be neglected)? What is your first step? Draw the FBD and MAD diagrams. ma n ma t =0 ma y =0 When spins at the upper limit, the friction pushes down and to the left. When at the lower limit, it acts
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Unformatted text preview: up and to the right . Do the equations of motion. It will be “+” for the lower limit, “-” for the upper. Two unknowns - N and ϖ . Solve EX6.1 Friction Test Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: μ s =0.3, Geometry Range of ω so that the mass does not slip up or down Kinetics (need to consider forces, F=ma) with kinematics (circular motion)...
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