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For the position shown in the figure below, the spring is unstretched. The spring constant k is such that after the system is released from rest, the speed of the masses is zero just as the 0.6 slug mass touches the floor. a) Determine the value k of the spring constant. Assume that the pulley is frictionless and of negligible mass. b) Derive a formula for the speed v of the masses as a function of y from the time the system is released from rest to the time the 0.6 slug mass touches the floor. What is the maximum speed of the masses? What is your first step? EX8.1 Designing a Spring Counterbalance Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: m 1 = 0.6 slug, m 2 =0.4 slug, diagram k, the spring constant so that the 0.6 slug stops at the floor with zero velocity Work Energy Write out the Work Energy Relationship 1e + V 1g + U 1-2 = T + V 2e + V 2g Which are zero? Datum 1
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