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EX16.1-BicycleTipping-aud - What if sum moments about point...

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6/12 What deceleration a would cause the dangerous condition of tipping about the front wheel A? Combined CG of rider and bike is at G. N A N B F BR ma x I G α F BR F BR F BR a x = 16.43 ft/sec 2 Draw FBD, MAD You could also include a Friction force at B, but it and NB go to zero just before you tip. Next write the equations of motion in x and y. x y If you tilt your axes, the a y is zero. Do your moment equation. Let’s choose G as our point – sum moments about G. Just before it has begun to tip, the a is zero. The signs are consistent with the right hand rule.
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Unformatted text preview: What if sum moments about point A? Same equations EX15.1 Rigid Body Translation - Tipping What is your first step? Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: Figure and Location of CG a bike that would cause tipping Newton’s second law, Rigid Body Translation Reflection: This acceleration is approx 1/2g. Seems to make sense on magnitude. Note that tipping requires braking on the front wheel. If you only used the rear brake, there would be no force to cause decceleration when you lose contact with the road. mg...
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