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6/8 the uniform 5-kg bar AB is suspended in a vertical position from an accelerating vehicle and restrained by the wire BC. If the acceleration is a = 0.6g, determine the tension T in the wire and the magnitude of the total force supported by the pin at A. F ax T ma x I G α Draw FBD, MAD of rod Use BARFD Procedure. Note that in the MAD diagram the ma x vector is drawn from the mass center. x y Unknowns are F ax , F ay and T a x = 0.6g, a y = 0.0, α=0.0 due to translation Now Solve for unknowns EX15.2 Rigid Body Translation - Forces What is your first step? Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: Figure and a x = -0.6 (9.81) m/s 2 , α=0, m=5 kg Tension in Cable T, and Force at A Kinetics, Newton’s second law, Rigid Body Translation Reflection:
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