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EX23.2 Loader - ABC can be modeled as a single rigid body...

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ABC can be modeled as a single rigid body. Its mass is 300 kg and the moment of inertia about its center of mass is I = 360 kg-m 2 . Starting from rest with its CG 2 meters above the ground, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the arm ABC to the current position. At this position, the angular velocity of the arm is 1.4 rad/sec (CCW) and its angular acceleration is 0.6 rad/s 2 . How much work did the hydraulic cylinder exert on the arm? T 1 + V g1 + V e1 + U 1-2 = T 2 + V g2 + V e2 What equation, and what terms are zero? Okay for I A , it is a fixed axis of rotation Is it okay to use I A ? This reduces to Solve for U. T 2 = ½ mv G 2 + ½ I G ϖ 2 = ½ 300 v G 2 + ½ 360 ϖ 2 v G = v A + ϖ x r = r ϖ
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