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IC 3.2 Gas guns are used to determine impact characteristics of materials. The projectile shown starts at s= 1.5 m and accelerates until it reaches the end of the barrel at s= 3.0 m . The acceleration can be modeled as: γ s c a = Where γ = 1.4 is the ratio of specific heats for air. Find the constant c necessary for the projectile to leave the barrel with a velocity of 200 m/s . Given: Find: a(s), s i , s f , v o ,v f c Type of problem: Acceleration is given as a function of s, so will need to
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Unformatted text preview: integrate with respect to s. The best equation will be… F gas D N W f ma x x y What type of relationship will I use (check out pg 25-26 in your book)? Doesn’t ask about forces, although certainly forces are involved. We’ll draw an FBD of the projective just for practice, but this is really just a kinematics problem. Try it Set up the integral Do the math Solve...
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