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IC4.2caronbank - ma n Write out equations of motion Since...

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IC4.2 Race Car on Bank Hit F5 to Begin Video: NASCAR on Banked Turn Click on link. Your computer will open a browser. After you watch the video, close the browser and return to Powerpoint and left click to continue to next page.
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3/82 Find the speed at which the race car will have no tendency to slip sideways on the banked track (where there is no reliance on friction). Then, find the minimum and maximum speeds, using a coefficient of static friction μ = 0.90. ma n ma y ma n m’s cancel
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Unformatted text preview: ma n Write out equations of motion. Since the Fy’s will just have one unknown, let’s do that one first. Now sum forces in the normal direction When is velocity a min? Car won’t slide if just sitting there. How about for max velocity? IC4.2 – Race Car on a Banked Turn Draw the FBD and MAD Solution: Problem Type: Find : Given: μ= 0.90,ρ = 1200 ft v when friction force = 0, Min and Max Speeds Particle Kinetics ( F =m a ) Sketch: FBD MAD...
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