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IC5.1CamMechanism - with constant angular velocity ϖ = 10...

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Lesson 5 In Class 5.1 Cam Follower Cam and Follower (This is essentially how the intake and exhaust valves operate in a car engine.)
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What equation for acceleration? Polar Determine r dot and r double dot. Determine θ dot and θ double dot. 0 = θ Determine values at 30 degrees Substitute values into acceleration equation Could transform this into Cartesian coordinates – try to do this For the mechanism shown at right, the slotted bar rotates
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Unformatted text preview: with constant angular velocity ϖ = 10 rad/s and the radial position of point A is controlled by the shape of the cam. The path is described by the following equation: r = 1 + 0.5 cos 2 feet What is the acceleration of point A when θ = 30 o ? L5IC5.1 Cam and Follower Mechanism Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: r(θ), ω=10 rad/s a(A) when θ=30° Kinematics (No reference to forces) What coordinate system?...
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