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A 0.5 kg ball of negligible size is fired up a vertical track of radius 1.5 m using a spring plunger with k = 500 N/m. The plunger keeps the spring compressed 0.08 m when s = 0 (i.e., after the ball leaves the spring is still compressed 0.08 m). What is the distance s the plunger must be pulled back and released so the ball will begin to leave the track when θ = 135°. What is your first step? IC8.1 Pinball Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: m = 0.5 kg, k=500N/m, r=1.5m, Plunger keeps spring compressed 0.08m when handle is not pulled. s, so that ball leaves track at θ=135º Work Energy and F=ma to determine ball leaving track Draw FBD and MAD at θ=135º + V 1e + V 1g + U 1-2 = T 2 + V 2e + V 2g Which are zero? 0 0 J V V mgh V g g g 56 . 12 ) 45 sin 5 . 1 5 . 1 ( 81 . 9 5 . 0 2 2 2 = ° + = = Apply Equations of motion in the Normal direction In order to find the initial spring compression to give this speed we need to use Work- Energy. Add a datum to the figure and write out the WE equation
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