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IC16.1-2_Problem_Statements - Find Given The motor M begins...

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Given: A 1650 kg car, coefficient of static friction between rear driving wheels is 0.8. You can neglect the rolling friction of the front wheels, and the mass of the front and rear wheels is negligible compared to the mass of the car. Find the normal forces N A and N B under the condition of maximum acceleration. IC16.1 Car Weight Distribution Solution: Problem Type:
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Unformatted text preview: Find: Given: The motor M begins rotating at ω m = 4(1 – e-t ) rad/s, where t is in seconds. The radii of the motor, fan pulleys, and fan blades are 1 in, 4 in, and 16 in, respectively. Find the magnitudes of the velocity and acceleration at point P on the fan blade when t = 0.5 s. IC16.2 – Fan Drive Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given:...
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