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IC16.2_Fan_Drive - IC16.1 Fan Drive The motor M begins...

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The motor M begins rotating at ω m = 4(1 – e -t ) rad/s, where t is in seconds. The radii of the motor, fan pulleys, and fan blades are 1 in, 4 in, and 16 in, respectively. Find the magnitudes of the velocity and acceleration at point P on the fan blade when t = 0.5 s. Find angular acceleration of motor IC16.1 – Fan Drive What is your first step? Solution: Problem Type: Find: Given: Figure and ω(t), radius of pulleys and fan t=0.5 sec |v p |and | a p | at t=0.5 sec Rigid Body Kinematics, Fixed Axis Rotation Reflection: In circular motion all points may have different acceleration and velocity, but the rigid bodies have one angular velocity and angular acceleration at a particular time. Pulleys can be used to increase and/or decrease rotational speed What are the values of ω and α at t=0.5 seconds Since the belt does not slip (and is assumed inextensible), it must have the same speed and tangential component of acceleration at all points.
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