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4. Given: Bar weighs 16.1 lbs, released from rest and has an initial acceleration of 16.1 rad/ sec 2 . Find distance b from center that will cause this and the reaction forces R at point O just after release. FBD and MAD. Do it. EOM – do n direction Can also do about O and use the parallel axis theorem. Problem Type: Find: Given: Rigid Body Kinetics, Fixed Axis Rotation W= 16.1 lbs, α = 16.1 rad/s 2, ϖ = 0 Distance b that will cause this
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Unformatted text preview: First Step? Starts from rest Plug into Oy Now t Sum moments Reflection: There isnt any force in the x direction until it starts rotating (then will have force from a n term). The bigger b , the larger the angular acceleration. b= 0.1835 ft or 1.865 inches Use g= 32.2 ft/s 2 , L=2 ft, do quadratic formula b= 0.1835 ft or 1.865 inches From Fy equation, get Oy...
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