IC22.1 Rolling Wheel on Inclined Plane

IC22.1 Rolling Wheel on Inclined Plane - IC22.1 Rolling...

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Unknowns: F, a Gx , α , N Need another equation – what can I do? Kinetics (Rolling? – Don’t Know yet) 2 / / ϖ α O G O G O G r r a a G G G G G - × + = For a disk rolling w/out slip, a G = r α Now rewrite equation (4) and sub into (1) 6/79 – Solid homogeneous cylinder released from rest. If θ =40 o , μ s = 0.3 and μ k = 0.20, find a G and friction force exerted by the ramp on the cylinder. ma Gx ma Gy I α G Note that I assumed all accelerations are in the positive direction – I’ll let the algebra do the work. EOM Kinematics. Equations (1-4) are all good whether slip or no slip so far. (1) (2) (3) (4) Now we need to make an assumption
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