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IC25.1_SUV - Lesson 25 In Class 25.1 SUV Rollover Dont Do...

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Lesson 25 In Class 25.1 SUV Rollover Don’t Do this at Home
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6/194. The phenomenon of vehicle tipping is investigated in this problem. The vehicle is sliding sideways with speed v 1 and no angular velocity when it strikes a small curb. Assume no rebound of the right- side tires and estimate the speed v 1 that will cause the vehicle to roll completely over to its right side. Mass is 2300 kg, I G is 900 kg m 2 . What v to make it tip? Deals with impacts, so probably need impulse momentum. A rigid body, so will definitely need to do angular – lets start there, then we’ll see if we need to do linear too. Why did we choose angular momentum about A? That is where the force acts, so will drop out of moment equation. Also this is a fixed point of rotation during the tipping. - - What terms? Used the parallel axis theorem to find I A The negative sign means it the angular momentum is in the negative z (think r x mv). Have w in terms of v1. How do we figure if it tips?
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