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Determine the minimum velocity v which the wheel must have to just roll over the obstruction. The k G is k and it is assumed that the wheel rolls without slip. + Remember, this is just like the moment of the linear momentum. A Now do work energy after the impact. Parallel axis theorem - Right after the impact, it is essentially rotating about point A Rotational momentum of the wheel, Relate ϖ to v Substitute into the angular momentum equation Can now solve for v 1 IC26.1 – Wheel Bump Deals with impacts, so probably need impulse momentum. A rigid body, so will definitely
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Unformatted text preview: need to do angular – lets start there, then we’ll see if we need to do linear too. What type of problem? Find: Given: k G =k, h, rolls without slip v min Solution Look at Angular Momentum about point A. Only the gravitational force mg creates a moment about A. This will be negligible compared to the impact forces at A, so we can ignore it for the impact. Reflection: This is a typical problem where you need to use more than one dynamics techniques to solve. First use concepts of Impulse-Momentum and then use Work-Energy...
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