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L12-Ex12.1-Car_Curve-aud - For instant shown A has a speed...

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For instant shown, A has a speed of 100 km/hr, which increases at 8 km/hr per second. Car B also has a speed of 100 km/ hr which is decreasing at 8 km/hr. Find the acceleration that Car B appears to have to an observer in Car A. What is your main equation? Are we finding a B/A or a A/B ? Relative motion A B A B / a a a a a a + = What is a A ? What is a B ? Is it just -2.22 m/s 2 ? No, it has a tangential and a normal component – what is a n ? Just v 2 / ρ B Solve for a B/A Does it make sense? If I am in A, it appears that B is accelerating to the left (+j in their coordinate
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