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5/130 Given: The punch is operated by a simple harmonic motion of the pivoted section. The motion is measured to be θ = θ o sin 2 π t. Find the velocity of the punch when t = 10 seconds if θ o = π /12. Set up velocity equation(s). Let’s label some points on the punch (A and B). List the velocity equation for B. What do I know in this equation? Now back to the v B equation. Problem Type: Find: Given: Rigid Body Kinematics (doesn’t ask about forces) θ = θ ο sin t Velocity of the punch and angular velocity of AB First Step? What do we know here? Reflection: This is more simple than the general case because θ was equal to zero. I we were working this entire problem from the beginning we would have used the acceleration equations, realized we did not know ϖ AB , and then used the velocity equations to find it. Long process!!! Does the sign of the cross product make sense? A B Really only r B/A . How can we find v A
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