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LECTURE ATTENDANCE POLICY Psychology 301 – Spivey Unique Number 43585 Spring 2011 Lecture attendance is required. This policy is in place to help students perform at their best. A great deal of the course material is not in the text, and students that do not attend lectures do not do well in this course. The matrix below indicates the points available for attendance. Note that exams and holidays do not count toward the total of 26 attendance days. This total is based only on lectures. Number of Lectures Attended Unexcused Absences Earned Points 23 to 26 0 - 3 12 21 to 22 4 - 5 6 0 to 20 6 or more 0 Excused Absence: Religious Holidays – Please see Course Absence Policy for Exams and Assignments on the reverse side of this page. Excused Absence: Medical – A student will be granted an excused absence on medical grounds only if s/he provides a medical excuse, signed by a physician or mental health
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Unformatted text preview: professional. This excuse must be delivered to Dr. Spivey within three days of the absence unless the student is in the hospital. An email or a phone call prior to that would be expected. Excused Absence: University Service – A student representing The University of Texas will be provided with an excuse signed by a university official. That excuse should be delivered to Dr. Spivey in advance of the absence. Personal Reasons: Attendance at a wedding or another personal event does not constitute appropriate grounds for an excused absence. Allowed Unexcused Absences: After reading the above, it should be obvious that a student should save the allowable cuts for those days when s/he is not feeling quite well but cannot obtain a physician/s excuse or for those days when s/he wishes to be absent for personal reasons....
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