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ABSENCE POLICY PSYCHOLOGY 301 – SPIVEY Unique Number: 43585 Spring 2011 Examination Absence Absence from an examination is a very serious matter and will result in a grade of zero for the exam if the student’s absence has not been excused by the instructor. Do not contact the TA concerning exam absences. You must contact the instructor, Dr. Spivey. Hour Exams . If at all possible, requests to be excused from an hour examination should be filed with the instructor prior to the examination. If a student is unable to file such a request prior to the exam (e.g., the student is in the hospital), the requisite medical excuse, signed by a physician or a mental health professional, will be due no more than three class days after the exam. I would expect a phone call or an E-mail even prior to that. If the student’s absence is excused by the instructor as described above, the missed hour exam may be made up as indicated in the syllabus.
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