Is technology the primary force in globalization

Is technology the primary force in globalization - Is...

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Is technology the primary force in globalization? My initial viewpoint on the leading factor for globalization rested on the introduction and dependency of technology. However, from recent readings and discussions I feel that my initial response to the primary cause of globalization is inadequate and that it has more complexities than I had originally thought. Now, I will begin to depict my most recent conclusions that I have formulated based upon readings and discussions that were held in class. Although the stereotypical male claims that he can assemble and operate technology without instructions, most technology requires a chain of commands or explanations in order to make sense out of it. Thus fore, if a person does not use the same language that the directions were commanded from, then a sound understanding of the technology would be difficult to acquire. As well, it would be difficult for a person to utilize the technology at hand to its most efficient and effective maxim. Even today, there are a multitude of cases where products are sold on a global scale and
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