CSE 651 Homework 3

CSE 651 Homework 3 - CSE 651 Homework 3 Due Friday April 23...

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CSE 651 Homework 3 Due: Friday, April 23 by class time (10:30 am) Midterm Exam 1: Monday, April 26 Scope: up to RC4 inclusively Open books/notes Calculators allowed 1. Do Problem 6.4 of Stallings. (Interpret part b as follows: After encrypting the entire message, you find an error in the first block of the message. You correct the error and re- encrypt P 1 . How many other blocks do you need to re-encrypt? (You don’t need to answer the second question of part b, “What is the effect at the receiver?”) 2. Do Problem 6.8 on the 5 th edition (6.5 on the 4 th ) of Stallings. If a bit transmission error occurs in a ciphertext character in 8-bit CFB mode, how far does the error propagate (i.e., how many plaintext characters are likely to be recovered incorrectly)?
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