CSE 651 Homework 5

CSE 651 Homework 5 - They describe the same algorithm.) 2....

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CSE 651 Homework 5 Due: Wednesday, May 12 by class time (10:30 am) Midterm Exam II: Monday, May 17 Scope: Public-key cryptography and RSA, including the math used in RSA. Open book, open notes 1. Do Problem 9.16 of Stallings. (You may use the algorithm in Fig 9.7/9.8 or the algorithm Square-and-Multiply in class notes.
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Unformatted text preview: They describe the same algorithm.) 2. Do b and e of Problem 9.2 of Stallings. (Your answer must include the values of , ( ), . n n d ) 3. Do Problem 9.3 of Stallings. (Do not use the brute-force method.) 4. Do Problem 9.4 of Stallings. 5. Do Problem 9.6 of Stallings. 6. Do Problem 9.8 of Stallings....
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