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CSE 794 Homework 5 Due: Wednesday, May 26 by class time   * 1. Fix the RSA modulus , and assume there is an adversary running in time for which Pr mod : 0.01. That is, can decrypt the ciphertext of a random m e uN n A t A x N x x Z A       * essage with probability 0.01. Construct an adversary for which Pr mod 0.99. The running time of must satisfy poly , log . Hint: us e x A A x N x x Z t A t t N   e the homomorphism property. 2. In a public-key system using RSA, you intercept a cipertext 60 sent to a user whose public key is 155 and 3. What is the plaintex ? 3. In an RSA system c n e m     
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