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Connectives of Time 1. the night, the wind blew the front door open. 2. It began to snow I was walking home. 3. We visited many relatives our vacation. 4. Susan has been studying English five years. 5. The children have been playing video games hours. 6. I was shocked I saw my picture in the newspaper. 7. I got to work, I noticed my computer was unplugged. 8. A car pulled out in front of me I was riding my bicycle. 9. the last guests finally left the party, it was early morning. 10. I've been learning English four years. Connectives of Time as as soon , as , by ,during, in, on, while
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Unformatted text preview: 1. They were tired _______ the end of the day. 2. John and Lydia met _______ the holidays. 4. He'll be there _______ three hours. 6. He went out _______ I came in. 7. _______ the time you've finished, I'll be gone. 9. This ship will be put into service _______ September 2008. 10. I was born _______ the eighteenth of December. 11. Don't forget to put the heating on _______ you arrive, or we'll be frozen death. 12. _______ I was opening the door, the phone rang. 13. Apollo 11 landed on the Moon _______ July 20, 1969. 1. During while during for for 6. when when while when for...
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