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ENG-adj adv - Brown explained it ___. careful carefully...

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Adverbs or Adjectives Mary is a ___ swimmer. a. slow b. slowly Andrew plays the piano ___.  a. beautiful b. beautifully Mrs. Thompson sews ___. a. quick b. quickly Mr. Garcia speaks ___.  a. loud b. loudly His kids are ___ students. a. good b. well Joanna sings ___. a. awful b. awfully Faye writes ___. a. neat b. neatly Douglas and Hannah are ___ students. a. bad b. badly Jessica is a ___ basketball player. a. good b. well Patty doesn't cook ___. a. good b. well Mr. Lopez is not a ___ policeman. a. careful b. carefully Those girls talk ___. a. intelligent b. intelligently I don't think I am a ___ athlete. a. bad b. badly 1 Adjectives & adverbs
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If you drive ___ don't be surprised if you have  an accident. recklessly reckless It was not a hard assignment because Dr. 
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Unformatted text preview: Brown explained it ___. careful carefully Karen is the best student in class. She studies ___. hard hardly Be ___ to visitors if you want them to come back to your country. pleasant pleasantly I could not sleep ___ last night, so I feel ___ today. good, horrible well, horrible well, horribly She's a poor driver. She can't stop the car ___. smoothly smooth The problem requires a ___ evaluation serious seriously He speaks so ___ that I can't understand him. fast fastly She is an opera singer. She sings ___ beautiful beautifully Driving at night can be very ___ sometimes. dangerous dangerously 2 Adjectives & adverbs...
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ENG-adj adv - Brown explained it ___. careful carefully...

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