biology chapter 1 review

biology chapter 1 review - Adaptation(1 An evolutionary...

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(1) An evolutionary modification that improves an organism’s chances of survival and reproductive success. (2) A decline in the response of a receptor subjected to repeated or prolonged stimulation. Animalia: filed in the KINGDOM to classify living things- animalia is made up of multicellular organisms that obtain nutrition by eating other organisms Archaea: prokaryotic organisms with a number of features, such as 1. The absence of of peptidoglycan in their cell walls that set them apart from bacteria 2. Archaea is the name of one of the two prokaryotic domains ( the other is bacteria) Archaebacteria: Archaebacteria are found in extreme environments such as hot boiling water —one celled organisms Asexual reproduction : reproduction in which there is no fusions of gametes and in which the genetic makeup of parent and of offspring is usually identical. Autotrophs: an organism that synthesizes complex organic compounds from simple inorganic raw materials: also called producer or primary producer. Binomial nomenclature: system of naming a species by the combination of the genus name and a specific epithet ( species) Biosphere: all of earth’s living organisms, collectively. Cells: the basic structureal and functional unit of life, which consists of living material enclosed by a membrane. Class: a taxonomic category made up of related orders. Community: an association of populations of different species living together in a defined habitat with some degree of interdependence. Consumer---also known as heterotroph ---an organism that cannot synthesize its own food from inorganic raw materials and therefore must obtain energy and body building materials from other organisms. Decomposer: microbial heterotrophs that break down dead organic material and use the decomposition products as a source of energy. Also called saprotrophs or saprobes Deoxyribonucleic acid—DNA Development: all the progressive changes that take place throughout the life of an organism. Ecosystem: the interacting system that encompases a community and its nonliving, physical
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biology chapter 1 review - Adaptation(1 An evolutionary...

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