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Campus Scavenger Hunt If you need help with finding your Advisor information please take time to view the My Advisor information. Based on your contact with your assigned Student Advisor, please respond to the following. 1. List your Student Advisor(s). Alison Whitehouse, Clare Rosenberg, Jen Cirbus, Kristen Carter, Michelle Deal and Stephanie Kennedy. 2. What are his/her business hours? 8:00AM-4:30PM 3. How are Student Advisors assigned to students? They are assigned by Degree level and Path. An example is BA in Psychology. At a traditional college, the offices and tools that students need to use to deal with the administrative tasks associated with college attendance are located in various offices and building around campus. It is the same at APUS, but all of this can be found in the ONLINE CAMPUS. Explore the Online Campus, catalog, student handbook, and website to answer the following questions. You may copy and paste your answers from the web when appropriate or you may submit short answers. 1. Where do you find the Discussion Board Group where you are able to ask questions about the Discussion Boards or any other classroom issue? You can find the Discussion Board in the classroom area at the top right side that says Lounge. What is the name of this Discussion Board? APUS Community Forum. 2. When students are inside the classroom, where can they find out about Software Discounts available to APUS Students? Go to the Library and here is the website http://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/departments/science-technology/information- technology/#softwarepurchase and scroll down to the area and discount that you are looking for. 3. How does a student change their contact information? In the Campus on the left hand side under My Personal Information click Change My Information then go in and change the information that you would like and then save. 4.
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ElmoreSandra_scavengerhunt - Campus Scavenger Hunt If you...

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