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Subject: Movement and Learning (pages 57-75) Posted by Dr. Jackie Mangieri Thu Nov 18 10:20:37 2010. Message: Share the following with the class and respond to at least two other learner posts. Based on this chapter, discuss ways you have recognized cues from your body that indicate diminished focus or energy when you are working on a project, reading, or studying. How did you sense it? What do you do to re-energize and regain focus? When I have been working on a project for too long I start to get where I want to move and cannot concentrate. I have problems working on a project if there is something going on around me anyway so it is worse for me when I start to get tired and lose focus on what I am doing on the project. To regain focus I get up and leave the room that I was in working on the project. This way I am getting to see a different environment other than seeing the same thing. I tend to get bored easy if I have to look at the same thing for hours at a time so it helps me to get up move around some and do something else.
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