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After reading over the material in the book I found that I am a Global Learner. I tend to focus on the big picture rather than little parts in the picture or try and analyze each piece. I find that there is many times after watching a movie or reading a book, because I like to skip around parts or take a break in between, that I find myself finally understanding what all of it means a little while after. There is many times that I will be working on a project for class and find myself getting frustrated because I just do not understand then out of nowhere I get it. I found out to help me with learning that I need to do things a little bit different then what I have been. For an example when reading a chapter out of the book I need to skim over the chapter first to get an overview of what it is that I am learning and then read the chapter. That will help me with getting a better understanding and help to keep me from having to go back and forth to see what it was that I read about.
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Unformatted text preview: Posted by Sandra Elmore Sun Jan 2 14:32:58 2011. Message: I am happy to see that there is other's that have the same learning style as me. At first when I was reading over everyones it seemed like most people were a Linear Learner. I understand what you mean about taking on many things at a time. I think that is part of being a Global learner. I know that there is times that I feel like I pile too much things on myself at once and it seems like you do that also. Posted by Sandra Elmore Sun Jan 2 14:35:09 2011. Message: I am that way also I jump into projects especially for work and school that I do not have much information on. Sometimes it is a good thing, but there is times that it has got me into trouble because I actually missed parts of the project and had to go in and rewrite things. I understand what you mean about people telling you that you have a unique way of doing things. My husband says that I do things the hard way....
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