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Elmore Sandra Elmore Professor Harlow English 101 December 24, 2010 Student/Teacher Memo: With each essay submitted, a Student/Teacher Memo must be included. This memo should be submitted in the same document as your essay. This memo asks you to answer the following questions: 1. What was your purpose? What effect were you trying to achieve? I wanted to share a beautiful true story of a bond between man and animal. The effect that I wanted to achieve is the that of love and care for nature. 2. What was interesting about the process you went through in writing this paper, and what did you learn from it? It was interesting that although I know the story I still cried even while writing the essay and reading the articles. One thing that I learned was that there is studies that are being done because some scientist believe that there is a telepathic bond between lions and humans. 3. What was the most difficult aspect about this paper, and what did you learn from the attempt? The most difficult aspect about this paper was trying to stay on the topic and make sure that I did not leave out anything important. I learned that it is good to write down important information so that while you are writing the essay that you remember to add that important information in. 4. What do you see as the strengths of the paper, and what would you try to do if you were to revise it some more? The strength of the paper is the story itself. If I was to revise the paper some more I would like to add in extra information that I was not able to put in because of the word count. 5. What’s not a part of your paper that you think might help a reader understand or appreciate it more? What didn’t you put in? I did not add in some of the information about what happened into detail in parts with the lions and what happened after to George Adamson who played a big part
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ElmoreSandra_NarrativeEssay - Elmore Sandra Elmore...

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