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Discussion Week 2 Sandra Elmore Discussion Week 2 Plagiarism December 18, 2010
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Discussion Week 2 One form of plagiarism is intentional plagiarism when you borrow your friend’s paper and use it in class as yours or buy an essay online that someone else has wrote and use it as your own. Another form of plagiarism is unintentional plagiarism which is when you fail to cite quotations and borrowed ideas or fail to put summaries and paraphrases in your own words. Although, you did not mean to plagiarize or use someone else’s information without giving them credit it is still considered plagiarism. The consequences of plagiarism can be varied by colleges, but most will be a warning and action that will take place which is usually being expelled from the college. I think that most students plagiarize by accident. While there are others that know what they are doing is plagiarism and the reason they do it is one they are stressed or have too much work to do or two they just do not
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Unformatted text preview: feel like writing their own paper. Replies Posted by Sandra Elmore Sun Dec 19 19:35:32 2010 Thread: I think that for most people they forget to cite things. Which is why it is a good idea to have someone else look over your paper to make sure that you did not forget anything. Also, I agree with you that another reason that student's may plagiarize would be because they are putting their work off until it is the day that it is due and then something happens that they are not able to get it turned in on time. Posted by Sandra Elmore Sun Dec 19 19:39:07 2010 Thread: I agree with you that it is better to do your own work. This allows you to learn even if you make mistakes because making mistakes is another way that we learn and help us to do Discussion Week 2 better. I enjoy writing articles and poetry. I like to submit my work to different places and I know that it would hurt my feelings if someone used my work without giving me credit for it....
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