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ElmoreSandra_Weekly Summary - problem is what is in...

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Weekly Summary Sandra Elmore Math December 12, 2010
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Weekly Summary In this week’s text I learned ways to overcome math anxiety. One of the ways to overcome math anxiety is to keep organized and write down math exams and quizzes on the calendar so that you know when the date and time is for the exam or quiz. This can also be done for math homework. Also, keeping notes will help you remember certain tricks for math problems that you can review later to help you if you are having trouble with that type of math problem. Throughout, the reading I reviewed different types of math problems such as Associative Properties. One thing that I like to remember is that the first thing that you work in the math
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Unformatted text preview: problem is what is in parenthesis. For an example: 2 + (3 + 8) = (2 + 3) + 8. 2 + (3 + 8) (2 + 3) + 8 Add first. Add first. = 2 + 11 = 5 + 8 = 13 = 13 2 + (3 + 8) = (2 + 3) + 8 I worked through several other math problems that helped me review over some of the math problems that I had forgot how to do. I really enjoyed that the math problems are shown to you in steps to explain how to do each one. Even though I have had other Algebra and math classes I still have some problems with math and it helps to be shown in steps rather than having to figure it out on your own....
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ElmoreSandra_Weekly Summary - problem is what is in...

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