The ways that they are typical primates

The ways that they are typical primates - The reason why...

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The reason why variation in skin color is of no use in defining human biological variability is because we can not be grouped up into a number of meaningful sections below the species (Park, 2008). This is because skin color is the result of several pigments, such as melanin. When exposed to increased UV radiation an individuals melanocytes, which produced melanin, makes the skin darker. Therefore, those that live near the equator will have a darker skin color and those farther away from the equator will have lighter skin (Leo, 2010). Factors in reproductive fitness that drove humanity to develop different skin colors is that of the pigments in the skin that is explained in the above example. In the subsaharan the human species is about 85% of the total biological variation (Leo, 2010). European ancestors represent 10% or less then the variation that was in Africa during 60k y.a. and the native Americans represent less then 0.001% of those living in east Asia during 30k y.a. (Leo, 2010). That is why if you take everyone else out except those in Africa there would still be 85% of the total variation of humanity left. Therefore, skin color does not show anything on being biologically diverse between individuals in a population. Leo, V. C. (2010). Week Three Lecture Notes Park, M. (2007). Introducing Anthropology. In M. Park, Introducing Anthropology (pp. 36-37). New York: McGraw Hill Humanities. The reason that the anthropologist want to place them into two different genera is because, though they
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The ways that they are typical primates - The reason why...

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