Week Three - To define sex and gender while distinguishing...

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To define sex and gender while distinguishing between the two you have to understand their meanings. There are three choices for sex. The choices are female, male or intersex. An individual that has the chromosome XYY instead of XY has a chromosome mistake that allows them to look like men and be defined as a male, but will not have the aggression of a normal male. An XXY chromosome individual may be a hermaphrodite which means that they will have both sex organs. Many people believe that there are only two types of genders which are male and female. Although, in some cultures there are more than just the gender of a male or female. There is the option of being neither male nor female. These people are usually shamans, healers or holy people. The people that are born with this type of gender do not change their sex. Sex mainly comes into play when the individual is going to married (Leo, 2010). Having a sex change is usually done for those that have the XXY chromosome when they are an infant to determine which sex the child will be through surgery. Being gay or a lesbian is not a third gender it is a choice. These individuals are not changing their sex. It is based on their attraction and does not mean that a gay man has to wear women’s clothing or a lesbian woman has to stop dressing like a woman. An example of a third gender is the Hijras they are not men nor are they considered women (Leo, 2010). I think that it is kind of hard to explain that gender is primarily determined by biology because it kind of
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Week Three - To define sex and gender while distinguishing...

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