HW2+ChE+150B+F2010 - Chemical Engineering 150B Problem Set...

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Chemical Engineering 150B Problem Set 2 Due Friday, September 10, 2010 Prolem 1. (20 Points) An Arnold cell is partially filled with liquid toluene. The temperature is 298 K and the total system pressure of the gas headspace and surrounding atmosphere is 1.01x10 5 Pa. The cell has a cross-sectional area of 0.8 cm 2 , a liquid depth of 3 cm, and an initial diffusion path length of 10 cm. Using diffusivity data given in Appendix J of W 3 R, plot out the flux and decrease in liquid toluene level with time until the liquid toluene source is depleted. At 298 K, the vapor pressure of toluene is 28.4 mm Hg, and is specific gravity is 0.866. Problem 2. (20 Points) Dilute concentrations of toxic organic solutes in aqueous solution can be often degraded by a “biofilm” attached to an inert, nonporous solid surface. A biofilm consists of living cells immobilized in a gelatinous matrix. A toxic organic solute (species A) diffusing into the biofilm and is degraded to harmless products, hopefully CO 2 and water, by the biofilm. For engineering applications, the biofilm is considered a homogenous substance (i.e., species B). The rate of degradation of the toxic solute per unit volume of the biofilm is described by a kinetic rate equation of the form: R A = -R A,max c A / (K A +c A )
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HW2+ChE+150B+F2010 - Chemical Engineering 150B Problem Set...

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