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HW5+ChE+150B+F2010 - ChE 150B Prolem Set 5 Due October 1...

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ChE 150B Prolem Set 5 Due October 1, 2010 Problem 1. (20 points) To raise the oxygen concentration in wastewater, air is injected through spargers located near the bottom of a water-holding tank. Oxygen is transferred from the released air bubbles into the surrounding aqueous phase. Determine the overall liquid mass-transfer coefficient, K L , and the percent resistance encountered in the liquid phase if the individual mass-transfer coefficients of oxygen transferring from air into 293 K water k L = 2.15x10 -5 kg mole/m 2 ·s·(kg mole/m 3 ) and k G = 9.28x10 -8 kg mole/m 2 ·s·Pa. The Henry’s law modified coefficient for oxygen in water is reported to be 4.06x10 9 Pa/(moles of oxygen per total moles of solution). Problem 2. (20 points) Jasmone, C 11 H 16 O, a valuable intermediate in the fine chemical industry, is obtained from the jasmine plant. A common method of manufacture is to extract the plant material in water, and then use benzene to concentrate the jasmine in a simple liquid-liquid extraction process.
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