Week 5 - Lecture

Week 5 - Lecture - Motivation Theories and Applications The...

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Motivation Theories and Applications The Motivational Carrot Motivation Theories Job Satisfaction The Motivational Carrot Look at the photo to the right. What does the carrot on a string mean to you? I'm sure you've all heard the saying about dangling a carrot in front of your face, but have you thought about what that carrot represents to you? What could your boss or your employer dangle in front of you that would motivate you to work harder or enjoy coming to work every day? This week, we'll focus on motivation concepts and how to apply them to the workplace. Last week, we learned about Google and why it's considered the best place to work in America in 2007. It seems the powers that be at Google have caught on to theories of motivation and have put them to work. Are any of you considering putting an application in to Google? I know I did when I read their list of perks. You've learned throughout the past few weeks what makes a great leader and how leaders can create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, growing, and making great strides towards accomplishing goals. I know of a company that proclaimed its number one goal was to be the best employer in its industry. They didn't specify exactly how they were going to accomplish that goal, but it got people excited. Employees were given a survey about
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Week 5 - Lecture - Motivation Theories and Applications The...

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