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PSYC305 Final Exam Study Guide (This is meant as a guide. It is designed to help focus students on what will be covered on the final exam. There is no guarantee that absolutely everything on the final exam is on this list.) TCO 1 Maslow / Hierarchy of Needs Theory Contemporary Theories of Motivation (self-determination, goal setting, equity, cognitive evaluation, reinforcement, job design, expectancy, Theory X, Theory Y) Skill-based pay plans TCO 2 Personality Traits (and how they can predict behavior) Big Five Model (understand what it is and what it can do) Personality Tests and Indicators (know them and what they are used for) Personality traits relevant to OB (core self-evaluation, Machiavellianism, narcissism, self-monitoring, risk-taking, Type A personality, proactive personality)   Ways that employees express job dissatisfaction Job satisfaction The effects of employee satisfaction on customer outcomes TCO 3 Herzberg (understand his theory and how it relates to job satisfaction) McClelland (understand the need for affiliation, need for power, and need for achievement) Types of Needs (understand individual need types and what defines need types) Behaviors and attitudes (affective reactance, cognitive dissonance, attitudinal clarification, values clarification, organizational dissonance) Definitions – distinguish the following: organizational commitment, job stability,
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PSYC_305_Final_Exam_Study_Guide_v5 - PSYC305 Final Exam...

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