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Course Syllabus - Elementary Statistics Picturing the World...

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Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World 4th Edition Access your textbook in one of two ways: MyScribe: You should install the MyScribe application to your computer and open the program to access your book. If you have not installed MyScribe onto your computer already, please download the MyScribe installation file. Step-by-step instructions are located in the MyScribeFAQ. Important – the link above is NOT a link to your book; it is a link to download the MyScribe application. Once you have installed and activated this program on your computer, current and future books will automatically download to your computer. Login to your MyScribe program using: Username: your DSI using a lower case d as the first character, as in - d43215678 Password: beginning with the January 2010 sessions, new accounts will be created using your birth date ( ‘yyyymm’ ), the same as is done for HUB and iLab accounts. For example, if your birth date is July 3, 1982, your password will be 198207. Existing account passwords will remain unchanged as devry HTML: If you would prefer to use the HTML version of your text, you can open it here. There is no need to buy a printed version of the textbook. For an additional cost, you can purchase a printed copy of the textbook; feel free to visit the online bookstore, Follett Express , or your campus bookstore. Course Description Students in this course are expected to master the tools used for statistical analysis and decision-making in business. This course includes descriptive statistics concepts and inferential concepts used to draw conclusions about a population. Statistical decision-making techniques are used with sample data to predict population parameters. Research techniques such as sampling and experimental design concepts are included for both single and multiple sample groups. Terminal Course Objectives DeVry University course content is constructed from curriculum guides developed for each course that are in alignment with specific Terminal Course Objectives. The Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) define the learning objectives that the student will be required to comprehend and demonstrate by course completion. The TCOs that will be covered in detail each week can be found in the Objectives section for that particular week. Whenever possible, a reference will be made from a particular assignment or discussion back to the TCO that it emphasizes. 1 Given a business situation word problem and/or case study, use an appropriate sampling method to determine a sample size. 2
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Given a word problem or case study, and an accompanying data set which addresses a business situation such as daily demand or monthly sales, calculate numerical summaries including measures of central tendency such as mean and median and measures of variation including range and standard deviation. 3
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Course Syllabus - Elementary Statistics Picturing the World...

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