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Week 2 - HomeWork GRADED

Week 2 - HomeWork GRADED - 1 Question Your Answer June20...

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1. Question: When is the project estimated to be completed? Your Answer: June 20 th  2006 May 15 th   2006 July 19 th  2006 July 21 st  2006 CORRECT January 3 rd  2006  Instructor Explanation: The project is scheduled to be completed on July 21st 2006.You can find this in the Finish Date column  for Task 1 the top level Summary task. Points Received: 5 of 5 2. Question: Which task has Total Slack but no Free Slack? Your Answer: Instructor Explanation: A task's free and total slack time can be displayed from the View menu by choosing the  Detail Gantt view,  and then the Table > Schedule. Points Received: 0 of 5 3. Question: When adding more than one predecessor, which is the correct format ? Your Answer:
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Instructor Explanation: When adding predecessors, the comma is the delimiter.  It does not require that the number is ordered.   So 10,12 is the same as 12,10.
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