Week 3 - Assignments

Week 3 - Assignments - NOTE Step 3 of this lab contains 2...

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Reading Chapter 5: Estimating Project Times and Costs Chapter 9: Reducing Project Duration iLab Assignment In the iLab tab, you will find a video and MS Project exercise centering around resources, reducing duration, and the Gantt chart. From Doc Sharing, download the the Microsoft Project solution file, called Instructor_ACME_2.mpp . (In Doc Sharing, choose " Microsoft Project Exercise " from the dropdown menu.) Use this file to begin this week's MS Project exercise and be sure to watch the video! Students find it very helpful. Some of the assignment questions require you to analyze the situation in the project. You may need to use information from the text or discussions to help with your analysis. As a part of this assignment, you will complete two lab activities, one before adding resources (3a) and one after adding the resources (3b).
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Unformatted text preview: NOTE: Step 3 of this lab contains 2 parts - 3a and 3b. After you complete 3b, you will need to submit the file you create to the Week 3 Dropbox. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox , read these Step-by-Step Instructions or watch this Dropbox Tutorial . See Syllabus/Due Dates for Assignments & Exams for due date information. Homework ES Please see the Week 3 Homework ES tab to start the Homework ES exercise. You have 45 minutes to enter your answers. You must complete the Practice Questions under t attempting the Homework ES exercise. The two se very similar and are designed to give you a thorou session before you start your Homework. See Syllabus/Due Dates for Assignments & Exams for due date information. Discussions l Cost Estimating (graded) C Reducing Duration (graded) F Q&A Forum (not graded)...
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