Week 3 -iLab - Week 3 Project Costs and Reducing Duration...

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Week 3: Project Costs and Reducing Duration - iLab This exercise will demonstrate how to enter resources and assign the resources to tasks. Later in the assignment, you will be presented with a scenario in which you will have to shorten the project schedule by analyzing the situation as the PM and deciding the tasks for which to allocate more resources. i L A B O V E R V I E W Project Overview As the Project Manager for ACME Landscaping & Construction, you are continuing to move through your project. In the last couple of weeks, you Entered and Scheduled your tasks. This week you are going to Assign the tasks to resources. Next week, you will use the results to perform resource scheduling in the project. Below is a project timeline for the seven weeks. Notice we will concentrate on the tasks for Week 3. View Transcript Here
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Week 3: Project Costs and Reducing Duration - iLab Week 3 Lab Overview Hey, it’s our Project Manager – you are becoming a pro at this MS Project work! Are you ready for the iLab this week? We start our iLab this week by using the results of Week 2’s assignment. You should make sure to use the posted starting file for Week 3, which you will find in the Doc Sharing. Once you have it open in MS Project, we are going to spend this week working on assigning resources to the tasks. Then, based on a change of requirements in your project, we need to go through a crashing activity on the project. ACME Company has resources they have provided for this project. As part of your assignment, you will be given a resource chart which includes the resource, their skills, the number of resources available to the project, and their Percent of Allocation to the project. Let’s talk about this for a minute. On a project, we will have specific individuals. As a project manager at this time, however, we just need to identify the skilled position needed. For example, we may need three full time plumbers for two weeks on our project. This means that we need 3 x 100% or 300% (which translates to 40 hours per week x 3 or 120 hours of plumber resource per week). This could be four physical resources if you had 2x100% and 2x50%. The math still adds up to the 300% needed. Let’s say we can’t get 300% per week, then our timeline will change. We had identified 300% for two weeks, which is 240 hours of work. If we get 2x100%, then we have 80 hours per week, so in two weeks we only have 160 hours and are 80 hours short. This means it will take us three weeks to complete the work, and not two weeks as planned. Now that we are more familiar with Resources in MS Project, let’s start working on our MS Project plan. Follow the steps below to complete this week's iLab. i L A B S T E P S
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Week 3 -iLab - Week 3 Project Costs and Reducing Duration...

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