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MGMT404 Week 2 iLab Tutorial Transcript Welcome back. Last week, we created project tasks in Microsoft Project for the ACME Construction project. This week, we’ll determine how long it will take to complete each of those tasks. Before we begin, let’s download the Microsoft project file we’ll be using this week from doc sharing. From your course, select the doc sharing tab. From the dropdown menu next to “ Select view ,” choose “ Microsoft Project Exercises ,” then click, “ Go .” Scroll down the page and select the MS Project file called, “ Instructor_ACME_1.mpp .” When prompted, save the file to your C drive in the folder you created in Citrix lab environment last week. Now we saved the file, go to the DeVry Citrix iLab and open Microsoft project . The first thing we’ll do is open the project file we just downloaded. Go to “ File ,” then, “ Open .” Select the V drive, which is your computer’s hard drive and browse to the folder in which the project file is located. Select the file and click, “ Open .” Now, we’re ready to enter an estimated duration for each task that we identified in the ACME Construction project schedule. As you can see, MS Project automatically enters a duration of one day for each task. Now, let’s look at it in terms of our project. “ ACME Construction - US Open Setup ” and Design are both task headings, while “ Gather Requirements is the first task. Select the cell next to “ Gather Requirements ” under the “ Duration ” column. Two arrows appear. As we click the up arrow, we increase the duration time for that task only . We will assign 15 days to this task. Once the duration has been set, press, “ Enter ” on your keyboard. Notice that the finish date automatically updates. Another way to enter a duration time is to double click on the duration field, then, enter the duration time in the Task Information window. We’ll assign 15 days to the “ Preliminary Design ” task, then click the “ Ok ” button. The “
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