Week 1 - Lecture

Week 1 - Lecture - How Can I Succeed in College...

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How Can I Succeed in College? Introduction What Can You Expect From Your Learning Experience at DeVry? How Will You Learn at DeVry University? Time Management Skills Team Work Skills Your DeVry Learning Community Netiquette What if. ..? Critical Thinking and Logic Introduction Congratulations on taking the very important step to begin or continue your college studies! This is a very big step and what you learn in this course will pave the way to your success. You will learn how to successfully complete your classes, how to address things that might get in the way of success and how to overcome them, how to develop a Plan of Study to use as a "roadmap" to keep you focused and on track, and how to manage your time to succeed in classes while taking care of your personal and professional responsibilities. Some students may be pursuing the same degree that you are, but many others will be working toward degrees in a variety of concentrations from business to IT. What Can You Expect From Your Learning Experience at DeVry? Think of the course Syllabus as the roadmap for your course. Print this syllabus right away and read it carefully, referring to it often throughout the course. Pay close attention to the section titled Threaded Discussions . This is where you will respond to questions posted by the instructor based on your readings in the text, and where you will read and respond to or comment on what other students post as well. It is important for you to participate fully in these discussions, or threads. Sometimes you will see the Threaded Discussions referred to as TDAs. You will take quizzes online in this class. It will benefit you to take notes along the way because you are allowed to use them when taking quizzes and exams in DeVry University courses. But these quizzes and exams are timed, so you will want to have your notes readily accessible; you simply won't have time in most cases to search for answers while taking the quizzes and exams. In fact, you will want to keep a close eye on the timer when taking quizzes and exams because you will be kicked out when the time expires, whether you have finished or not! You should also note that you can only enter the quiz or exam one time. You cannot open the quiz or exam, leave for any reason, and go back it; you will be locked out after the first attempt. Although technical difficulties don't occur frequently, you need to have a plan for this possibility. Save your work every five minutes to ensure that you don't lose your work. Write down the number of the Help Desk and keep it close by. If technical difficulties occur, contact the Help Desk immediately and email your instructor with the number of your Help Desk ticket.
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Week 1 - Lecture - How Can I Succeed in College...

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